"Bright science. Brighter living."


The acronym in Royal DSM stands for Dutch State Mines, a nod to its coal mining roots. But today, DSM has transformed and diversified into a global science-based company active in almost every industry but mining. And they say working for the company these days means Do Something Meaningful.  

Around the world, DSM’s 22,000 employees deliver innovative solutions in global markets such as food and dietary supplements, personal care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and alternative energy. As part of the company’s deep understanding of the importance of nutrition, and their strong commitment to social impact, the DSM partnership with Partners in Food Solutions was a natural fit.

The mission of DSM, to create brighter lives for people today and generations to come, is about much more than being profitable. The company strives to be good stewards of the planet and the communities where they live, and it strives to create products and services that the world genuinely needs. Through its products and services, the company is working to alleviate the hidden hunger burden, growing renewable energy production, working on climate change, and creating biomedical materials in the area of regenerative medicine.

DSM also has dozens of philanthropic partnerships working on food security and other social issues. Their partnership with PFS is distinct, however, in its method of philanthropy - leveraging know-how.

The partnership brings a number of mutual benefits, as DSM sees it. DSM offers their expertise to solve pressing issues around food security. They give their time, energy, and technical knowledge toward focused, productive problem solving for small and growing companies. In turn, DSM employees have the great experience of doing something meaningful with the skills they use every day in their job. Volunteering with PFS is also a strong professional development opportunity, providing experience in new roles outside their daily jobs, in an experiential learning manner.

At a macro level, PFS helps DSM create a stronger relationship with other global food companies, deepening and facilitating those partnerships. Its contributing to PFS furthers economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa, benefiting the local economy and also developing a future market, and future employees, for DSM.