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How We Help

Connecting expertise with opportunity.

  • Implementing Partners
    Identify Promising Food Companies

    Local staff and partners identify food businesses and plan technical/business projects
  • Corporate Volunteers
    Work Remotely

    Volunteers from world-class corporations advise these food businesses remotely
  • Improved food security, nutrition and economic development

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We are working to help Africa to feed itself better, today and into the future.

Food Challenges Today

In sub-Saharan Africa 1 in 4 lack adequate food for healthy, active life.

Center of Growth

Africa will have 50% of world population growth over the next 3 decades, adding 1 billion people.

Our work helps strengthen the middle of the food value chain.

We help develop an underleveraged link in the food value chain - food processors and mills - to build and grow the entire African food economy. Our volunteers give world-class expertise to strengthen companies - from facility design to product development to providing the technical and business know-how - that African food companies need to grow. Strengthening the middle of the value chain has a ripple effect, strengthening markets for smallholder farmers and bring more nutritious food to consumers. 

Female farmers in Kenya

The opportunity. The need. The model.

Together, we make a meaningful difference.

Sharing Knowledge

Corporate volunteers share their expertise with African entrepreneurs, while honing their own skills 

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Giving high potential food companies access to world class business development and technical services

Improving Nutrition

Supporting improved food safety and developing more nutritious, locally sourced and affordable foods

Strengthening Capacity

Supporting a network of food industry professionals across Africa

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We work in 11 countries—Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia