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Experiences fill the well of inspiration.

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Share Your Expertise

Corporate partner volunteers share their expertise and know-how with African entrepreneurs.

Make a Difference

Have a measurable impact on the success of a small business, and help improve nutrition and strengthen the local food system.

Virtual Volunteering

Use technology to connect directly with African clients and make an impact in only a few hours per month.

Hone Your Skills

Build your leadership and problem solving skills while gaining exposure to emerging markets and entrepreneurs. 

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Together, we make a meaningful difference.

Over 100,000 Volunteer Hours

Intellectual philanthropy is the giving of expertise rather than money.

651 Customized Projects

African client companies identify their most important needs for growth.
Steve Hess

It’s easier for people in my work environment to hop on an airplane and solve a problem when it arises. At PFS, you’re forced to find more cost-effective approaches that can deliver solutions remotely through information sharing and video – if you can get a strong signal! It always amazes me just how much of a difference you can make with a few recommendations and a little advice.

-Steve Hess, R & D Director, The Hershey Company
PFS client lead

What is a client lead?

Earl Hensel

Earl Hensel

A volunteer story
Carlota Gonzalo

Carlota Gonzalo

A volunteer story

If you are an employee of one of our partner companies, learn more about volunteering HERE.