Nana Antwi Owusu-Ansah

Volunteer Engagement Associate
Headshot of Nana

Born and raised in Ghana, Partners in Food Solution's work is close to home for Nana. "What I like most about my work with PFS is being part of a global team that not only cares about my continent, Africa, but also goes any length to deliver nutritious food to households," he said. Before joining PFS, Nana worked in supply chain operations and planning at Nestle. "For me, PFS stands out from other companies because we focus on improving livelihoods by addressing food security – which is an essential part of life. PFS, and our volunteers, devote time, skills and resources to support our clients and ensure their needs are met." 

Nana joins the PFS team as our newest Volunteer Engagement Associate. As an avid world traveler (Nana has lived in four different countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe), Nana enjoys getting to know people from different cultures. "PFS is a unique and diverse organization, filled with passionate people who want to make a difference. Our diversity goes beyond race and geography; we excel because we are diverse." 

When Nana isn't busy networking with volunteers and being the liaison between clients and volunteers, he enjoys traveling, cooking and eating (these two go together for him), or watching and reviewing movies. "I am one movie critic you do not want to mess with!"