Innovation in Action: Coprodigo's Quest for Delicious Cashew Creations

cashew nuts in wooden bowl

Innovation in Action: Coprodigo's Quest for Delicious Cashew Creations

In the world of food production, turning surplus ingredients into new, delicious products is a challenge that Co-op Ca Coprodigo,(“Coprodigo”) has enthusiastically embraced. The company, based in Côte d’Ivoire currently makes a diverse range of cashew-based products, including flavored cashews such as pepper, salt, and chocolate-coated, as well as creamy cashew butter. 

They reached out to PFS for insight on how to transform surplus crushed cashews from their production process into innovative, tasty snacks.  PFS connected them with Samantha Klein-Vidal, a research and quality technician at Ardent Mills. 

Samantha and her co-volunteer from Cargill brainstormed and shared an impressive array of 21 recipes. From meringue toffees to cashew nut brittles, their brainstorming sessions produced culinary delights. From the numerous recipes, the Coprodigo team selected four recipes that stood out: a sugar and honey bar, chocolate candy with cashew, cashew cookie, and cashew clusters.

Coprodigo was very responsive and rapidly went into the testing phase for their upcoming star, Cashew Clusters. This exciting new product is a testament to the power of collaborative brainstorming and innovation. From discussions on the project call, the company has also explored additional avenues of processing cashew, such as cashew nut oil, roasted and unroasted cashew flour (potentially for mixing with baby food), cashew nut brittles, biscuits and coated cashew snacks.

Anne Tolou, marketing manager at Coprodigo, expressed her gratitude for the creative recommendations provided by Samantha and the volunteer team, emphasizing the company's commitment to staying fresh and expanding in the market. "These recipes will help us get there," she said with optimism.

Coprodigo's mission to add value to their surplus crushed cashews is an inspiring example of sustainability and innovation in the food industry. Samantha looks forward to the success of Coprodigo’s introduction of these new creations to new markets.