Bag of flour spilled on table

Improving Food Safety by Bridging Knowledge Gaps


Graceco Foods Limited, a food processing and manufacturing company in Nigeria, was experiencing some shelf-life challenges when they noticed mold growing on their cupcakes within four weeks of production. Graceco quickly realized they needed to strengthen their industrial production knowledge to ensure that gaps in their technical knowledge were reduced significantly. To help bridge these gaps, PFS connected Graceco with General Mills QRO Engineer Linda Olson.

Adedayo Oshinnaiye, Graceco’s executive director of operations and supply chain, said working with PFS has been a game changer. “We’ve been able to identify the root cause of our shelf-life issues and have achieved better results since then,” he said. As the project nears completion, Graceco has already begun implementing volunteer recommendations such as using more advanced cleaning procedures and ensuring the cupcakes are stored at adequate temperatures throughout production. “The ability to share knowledge and learn from volunteers like Linda as well as the PFS program managers has been the best part about this program.”